Professional Certificate & Diploma courses accredited by Bond University, Rila Institute of Health and University of Plymouth.


We offer Aesthetic medicine courses to Doctors and Nurses.
All our courses are registered with government awarding agencies and are accredited for CPD.


Level 1 Profesional certificate in General Dermatology 

Level 2 Advanced certificate of General Dermatology 

Level 3 Professional DIploma of General Dermatology



Level 1 Professional certifcate of skin cancer medicine

Level 2 Advanced certificate of skin cancer medicine

Level 3 Professional diploma of skin cancer medicine 



Level 1 Professional certificate of Dermascopy

Level 2 Adanced certificate of Dermascopy

Level 3 Professional diploma of Dermascopy 




Aesthetic medicine courses & workshops conducted by:
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • International Board of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery
  • The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery


We provide the highest caliber of individualized training for aesthetic medical procedures. Our personalized, one-on-one training will allow you to have the most optimal learning experience with our physician instructors. Training in any aesthetic procedure can be tailored to your schedule if reserved in advance.

We can also take care of booking and arranging your training courses with any of the Associations mentioned above. We can arrange your courses in Bangkok Thailand. Singapore. Seoul South Korea & Florence Italy.

Many courses are also available online.